Fees and Expenses related to All Services

Fees for our services will be at our standard rates for the actual time spent plus out of pocket expenses as follows. Our standard hourly rates are typically set annually on January 1st.

Any out-of-pocket expenses will be billed separately.  

In order to reasonably match our billings with our efforts on your behalf, our fees and expenses are billed in the following manner: 

  1. We may send progress billings as time is incurred monthly.
  2. If the assignment is terminated prior to completion of any reports or returns, we will bill for services rendered to the date of termination.
  3. Accumulated expenses may be billed with progress billings or with the final billing.
  4. Fees (and expenses) are due upon presentation of statements. A late charge of .083% per month is assessed on balances outstanding beyond thirty (30) days, and the total due remains immediately payable.
  5. We reserve the right to withdraw from, or stop work, on this engagement if fees have not been paid. 

Confidentiality related to All Services

It is agreed that all working papers and other documents prepared by us pursuant to this engagement are confidential and will not be disclosed by us to third parties without the consent of management except as may be legally required. We agree to promptly notify management if any of the following events occur: (a) a request by anyone to examine, inspect, or copy such documents or records; (b) any attempt to serve, or the actual service of, any court order, subpoena, or summons upon our firm which requires the production of such documents or records. In the event management or management’s client wish to challenge any court order, subpoena, or summons, our firm will bill for the related time incurred and our firm will not be responsible for legal fees incurred for defense of related demands. We also use various web-based services for back-up, work-flow, and document management such as HubStaff.com, WeTransfer.com, Hightail.com, Dropbox.com, Box.com, Various Google Apps, Various Intuit Apps, and others. As you are probably aware, these services have rather onerous User Agreements. In order for us to work efficiently, your information will likely be stored or transmitted with these services. That information may be transmitted and stored over servers anywhere in the world. We also utilize remote workers that maybe located anywhere. If you have any concerns about this, or don’t approve of a certain application provider, please contact us.

Work Papers related to All Services

It is not our practice to retain work papers, e-mails or data files that have been updated or superseded. If you wish us to follow a retention practice that differs from those described in the preceding part of this paragraph, please indicate your specific request(s) in writing when returning a copy of this engagement letter. It is not administratively feasible for us to advise you of the disposal of records. Therefore, when records are returned to you or your client, you or your client will have responsibility to retain and protect records for possible future use, including potential examination by any government or regulatory agencies. At the close of this engagement, we will request your instruction for the disposition of documents that we have accumulated.

No Guarantee of Acceptance related to All Services

The Parties acknowledge that any work-product or opinions of our firm personnel under this agreement are their good faith opinions and work-product, but are ultimately only the unbiased judgment of our firm personnel. Failure of our work-product or opinion(s) to be accepted in any sense for any reason by any court, person or government entity, shall not constitute a breach of any of our firm’s duties under this agreement, give rise to any cause of action, nor relieve any signor of this letter of any duties.

Management Duties related to All Services

You are responsible for making management decisions and performing management functions, and for designating an individual with suitable skill, knowledge, or experience to oversee any bookkeeping services, tax services, or other services we provide. You are responsible for evaluating the adequacy and results of the services performed and accepting responsibility for such services. You are responsible for establishing and maintaining internal controls, including monitoring ongoing activities.

Electronic communications

The information contained in emails and other direct communications, including attachments, is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the intended recipient. Access to these communications and associated attachments by anyone else is not authorized. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any other action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on it, is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful.

Circular 230

Tax regulations require us to advise you that, unless otherwise specifically noted, any tax advice in any email or part of this website (including any attachments, enclosures, links, articles, planning tools, calculators or other accompanying material) was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties or for promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any transaction or matter addressed herein. Any reader of these documents should seek the advice specifically for the reader’s particular circumstances.